Small Bites:

Edamame                                             $3.95

lightly steamed and perfectly salted Japanese soy bean

Crab Rangoon (5)                               $4.95

wonton wrapper filled with seasoned cream cheese, crab and celery

Chicken Roll (5)                                  $5.95

marinated chicken wrapped with spring roll skin

Shrimp Roll (5)                                   $6.95

marinated shrimp wrapped with spring roll skin

Vegetable Spring Roll (2)                $4.95

fried vegetable spring rolls served with sweet & sour sauce

Chicken Curry Puff (2)                       $7.00

fried curry puff filled with sweet potatoes, chicken, onion and cilantro

Gyoza (5)                                            $5.95

fried pork and vegetable pot stickers served with chili oil dipping sauce

Fried Tofu (9)                                     $4.95

crispy fried tofu served with peanut sauce

Fried Wonton(9)                                 $5.95

crispy fried wonton skin filled with ground pork

Fried Fish Ball                                    $7.95

fried fish and seafood ball served with spicy sweet dipping sauce

Spiced Corn                                        $4.95

grilled sweet corn seasoned with butter and togarashi pepper

Thai Chicken Wings (5)                      $6.95

crispy fried wings southern style, served with fried shallot

Moo Ping (4)                                       $7.95

Thai grilled pork skewers appetizer

Shishito Pepper                               $6.95

wok-seared shishito pepper with a touch of soy sauce topped with salt, togarashi pepper and crush pistachio nut

Sriracha Bao (2)                      $6.00

steamed bun with spicy sriracha pork filling

Chicken Tatsuta-age                      $6.95

japanese style fried chicken nugget, quick marinated with ginger sauce, lightly batter then fried



Miso                                                    $1.95

miso broth with tofu, seaweed and scallion

Spicy Miso                                          $2.95

spicy miso broth with tofu, seaweed, scallion and jalapeño

Vegetable Miso                                   $3.95

miso broth with mix vegetables



Cucumber Salad                                  $3.95

crunchy and tangy cucumber salad with red onion and carrot

Wakame Salad                         $4.95

japanese seaweed salad

House Salad                                        $1.95

mix green salad with ginger or peanut dressing

Papaya Salad                      $7.95

fresh green papaya salad with lime juice, fish sauce, palm sugar, tomatoes, carrot and peanut


Japanese Ramen:

Tonkotsu Ramen                                 $9.95

rich and creamy pork broth topped with chashu pork, enoki mushroom, bamboo shoot, corn, scallion and soft boiled egg

Spicy Miso Ramen                              $9.95

spicy, silky miso broth topped with chashu pork, enoki mushroom, bamboo shoot, corn, scallion and soft boiled egg

Shoyu Ramen                                      $9.95

soy flavored chicken broth topped with chashu pork, enoki mushroom, bamboo shoot, corn, scallion and soft boiled egg

Kimchee Ramen                                $11.95

kimchee flavored broth topped with chashu pork, kimchee, enoki mushroom, bamboo shoot, corn, scallion and soft boiled egg

* can be substitute chashu pork for veggie, chicken or tofu
extra charge for beef $1.00, shrimp $4.00 or lobster $12.00

Rice Dish:

Fried Rice Veg                                    $11.95

Mix vegetables & egg fried rice

  • add chicken, beef or tofu $2 extra, add shrimp $4 extra

Crispy Basil                                        $11.95

Stir fried basil sauce.

  • choice of chicken, beef or tofu, with shrimp add $4

Japanese Curry                                    $13.95

Mild but thick Japanese curry with onion, carrot, potato

  • choice of chicken, beef or tofu, with shrimp add $4, pork cutlet add $2

Udon Kee-Moa Noodle                        $12.95

Stir fried udon noodle with spicy basil sauce, onion, tomatoes, mushroom, jalapeno.

  • choice of chicken, beef or tofu, with shrimp add $4


Japanese Crepe:

Strawberry Banana                              $7.95

fresh strawberry, banana, whipping cream, vanilla ice cream

New York Cheesecake                        $7.95

cheesecake, strawberry, whipping cream, vanilla ice cream

Matcha Brownie                                  $7.95

green tea brownie, banana, whipping cream, chocolate ice cream

Banana Nut Nutella                             $7.95

banana, nutella, almond, whipping cream, vanilla ice cream



Bubble Tea: $3.95

Milk Tea, Thai Tea, Green Milk Tea or Fruit-flavored Green Tea (Strawberry, green apple, mango)



Soda                            $1.50

(coke, diet coke, sprite)

Thai iced tea                $2.00

Bottle water                 $1.50

San Pellegrino             $3.00

Spring water (Fiji)       $3.00

Italian soda                  $3.00

(strawberry, green cream soda, lime, salted plum, green apple, mango)


Beer & Wine:

Singha, Sapporo, Sapporo Rsv, Sapporo Light (12 oz)     $4.00

Asahi (21.4 oz)                                                                         $7.00

Vinaago (Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon)                     $7.00


Ozeki Dry                      $6.95

Hot Sake                        $7.95

Hakushika Tanuki        $8.95

Ozeki Nigori                  $10.95

Sparking Peach Jelly    $8.95



Young coconut cake    $5.00

Thai tea cake                $5.00

Green tea brownie       $5.00

Milky donut                $5.00

Mochi ice cream          $2.00

Ice Cream                    $2.00

(vanilla, chocolate, green tea)



Jasmine rice                 $1.00

Brown rice                  $2.00

Sticky rice                   $2.50

Steamed Veggie          $4.00

Fried egg                     $2.00